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Unbalance Weight Motor Vibrators

Quality in Action:

Sinex Unbalance Wt Motor vibrators are built for highest quality and maintenance free long life.  Any two Sinex Primemovers Unbalance Motors run in perfect synchronization providing perfectly balanced forces to your vibrating machinery, thereby increasing your machinery life. For any two same size motors to run in perfect harmony, Sinex Primemovers uses
– High quality manufacturing techniques: Air gap width , perpendicularity, circularity needs to be maintained within fine accuracy. CNC machines are used for repeatability and accuracy.
– High Quality Winding: Highest quality of material used in winding and hence resistances and reactances of coils are exactly same in any two Sinex Vibrating motors. 

– High Quality Steel: Best quality magnetic steel with exactly same magnetic permeability, resistivity is used, thus providing equal motor torque.
– High Quality frictionless bearings: Highest quality bearings are used to provide extremely low and equal friction.